Singer Rihanna Names New Foundation ‘Barbados In A Bottle’

 Rihanna has declared her new Fenty Beauty foundation is “Barbados in a bottle”.

The 36-year-old pop star launched her beauty brand back in 2017 and it’s gone on to become a huge worldwide success and Rihanna held a special event in Los Angeles over the weekend (27-28.04.24) to celebrate the release of the latest product – the Soft’lit Foundation – which she claims delivers a glow inspired by her Caribbean home.

She told Extra: “This is actually the biggest launch we’ve had in the brand since the brand launched in 2017. This is major for us. It’s a new era in foundation for the brand.

“This time, instead of the matte finish, this is more of a soft, luminescent finish, like a nice, glowy, natural-skin look.”

She added of the product’s inspiration: “Barbados has one of the best golden hours in the world, if I might say so myself. It’s basically just putting all of that into a bottle. 

“Barbados is always an inspiration for me for so many of my products, not just in beauty but in skincare as well. We were able to capture that, even in this product there are so many great, skin-loving ingredients in this bottle of foundation. 

“It’s nourishing to the skin as well as beautiful performance that your skin gets just by having that glow.”

Soft’lit Foundation retails for £34 and comes in 50 shades. It’s both watreproof, lightweight and buildable.

It’s described as : “A longwear, medium coverage foundation that gives golden hour glow all day long and stays fresh. It hydrates, brightens and improves skin tone both instantly and over time, while resisting sweat, humidity and transfer. 

“This lightweight, waterpoof formula instantly reduces the appearance of shine and gives a whole new kind of radiance. This is just-right, notch-above-natural luminosity in a bottle.”