Gody Tennor's Smash Hit "Tiktoker" Becomes First Arbantone Song To Cross 10 Million YouTube Views

 Arbantone breakout star Gody Tennor, born Godfrey Masambu, has achieved a remarkable feat after clocking over 10 million YouTube views on his hit song "TikToker". 

The young rapper, who released the song just six months ago, achieved the incredible milestone after the song took over massively online, becoming an unbeatable hit across Tiktok with hundreds of thousands of fans recreating videos dancing along to the song.

"Tiktoker" borrows from the old Jua Cali hit "Bidii Yangu" and is infused with fast, danceable beats while also accompanied by a simple, nursery-rhyme chorus.

Due to the song's wild popularity, Gody Tennor has emerged as one of the foremost Arbantone pioneers - a Kenyan sub-genre which picks up popular Jamaican riddims and remakes them into relatable Kenyan songs.

Laden with heavy imagery and a generous supply of hardcore sheng, "Tiktoker" sees Gody Tennor, assisted by his Arbantone contemporaries Tipsy Gee and Kappy rap about young Nairobi girls, frivolous sexual escapades and party life.

Part of the reason the song has achieved such phenomenal success is the witty lyrics, the catchy beat and the powerful delivery.

The song's first lines go: "Ati black chocolate, ni fine melanin/Bana kutoka nikapate/Kanapenda kenye mi huwa napenda..."

"Tiktoker" also enjoyed an incredible run on TikTok (not surprisingly) where popular Kenyan TikTok dance influencers outdid each other in uploading the freshest and most polished synchronised dance routine.

Back in February, "Tiktoker" won it's first award after they bagged the "Best Breakthrough Video of the Year" at the Pulse Music Video Awards 2023.

Various music critics have hailed "Tiktoker" as arguably the biggest Arbantone song ever - almost like a harbinger to the genre's might, much like "Lamba Lolo" during the Gengetone era. 

Besides "Tiktoker", Gody Tennor has also enjoyed massive success with his other hit "Mukuchu". It currently boasts over 2.4 million views on YouTube.