Ghana: SPL Daddy drops Longtin single

Nigerian-born Ghanaian singer SPL Daddy today announced a new track titled ‘Longtin’. The record is available for streaming and download across major digital platforms

The track is his third career single, after ‘Tele Mi’ and ‘Trumpet’, which have accumulated over 51 000 streams.

An Afropop tune, ‘Longtin’ narrates a tale of a romantic encounter. “‘Longtin’ is about a connection with a girl that started smoothly, but it became apparent that we had different romantic expectations,” the musician said. “Despite being career-focused, she wanted more commitment, and our discussions turned uncomfortable when she expressed a desire for pregnancy. This ultimately led to the end of the relationship.”

SPL Daddy, born Joe Samson in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, began his musical journey as a church singer and later relocated to Ghana.

“Blending the carefree energy of noughties nostalgia with the unapologetically bold essence of today’s music scene, SPL Daddy showcases an undeniable knack for crafting appealing pop anthems while retaining his distinctive, charming flair,” a statement reads.

He draws inspiration from various facets of his life. Growing up amidst diverse cultures, he blends his love for modern and old-school music, resulting in a distinctive new-age musical brand. He says his motivations for entering the music scene are multifaceted, citing influences from the church and Nigerian highlife great Osadebe, as well as an intrinsic passion for music as a means of self-expression.