Senator Edwin Sifuna explains why he never attended President Ruto’s State of the Nation address

 Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has explained why he never attended the State of the Nation address by President William Ruto.

Speaking to a local TV station, Sifuna said he does not trust the President based on his past.

"I decided not to attend the State of the Nation address at Parliament because I don’t trust President Ruto based on his history, and I knew he would gloss over the country’s issues. Kenyans need a break," Sifuna said.

Sifuna urged the government to listen to the people and lower taxes, in a bid to alleviate pain for common Kenyans.

"Kenya Kwanza needs to take responsibility for its actions that have resulted in the pain of Kenyans. President Ruto said we must listen to the people. In the current economic circumstances, the government shouldn’t impose any more taxes on Kenyans," he added.

He also accused the government of lying about subsidizing fertiliser prices, saying that the allegedly subsidized fertiliser was donated by the Russian government for free.

"You cannot reduce the price of something that you received for free. The Russian government confirmed that it gave us a consignment of fertilizer for free, but the Kenyan government sold it to farmers and claimed it was subsidized," he added.

The Senator owed to make sure that Kenyans do not forget the pains inflicted on them by the government.

"President Ruto is reported to have told MPs they don’t always have to be popular. We will make sure Kenyans don’t forget the pain inflicted on them by this government and the consequences of electing incompetent leaders who cannot run a country," he added.