Police, prisons and NYS officers to get 40% salary increment in proposed reforms

 The Taskforce on Police Reforms has recommended a 40 per cent salary increase for officers in the National Police Service, Prisons Service and the National Youth Service (NYS) in a raft of changes aimed at improving service delivery in the security sector.

In a report presented to President William Ruto at State House in Nairobi, on Thursday, November 16, the 20-member team chaired by former Chief Justice David Maraga, proposed that the salary increment be effected in phases over a period of three years.

In his address, the Head of State lauded the recommendation, saying the move would help restore integrity, efficiency and accountability in the security forces.

“I have seen the recommendation made by the taskforce to enhance salaries of our police, NYS and prison service by 40% over the next three years. I think it is a well-considered recommendation and we will now await the work from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to make the necessary adjustment so that we can implement the recommendation," President Ruto stated.

“Our primary objective is to secure the transformation of this nation by instituting a professional, efficient, effective security sector which is defined by integrity and accountability.”

The task force was appointed on December 21, 2022.

The team presented its progress report to the president on October 4 and was given a month to complete its work.

At the time, the president accepted the committee's three recommendations.

Ruto agreed with Maraga team's recommendation that the National Police Service, the Prisons Service and the National Youth Service be moved to the security sector in regard to remuneration and terms of service.

“This way, the officers in three services will receive remuneration and other terms of service commensurate with the work they do,” President Ruto said.

The committee also proposed that there be two entry points into the National Police Service: At the constable and cadet levels with the National Police Service Commission determining the requirements for the two pathways.

“At a time when crime is constantly evolving, this provision will attract more professionals to police service,” the president said.

The commander-in-chief also agreed with the task force's recommendation that the National Police Service transfer policy that no officer should remain at one station for more than three years be enforced.

“Going forward, it won’t be possible for an officer to be promoted if they have served at only one station,” President Ruto said.