Maya Amolo Releases New Single on ColorsXStudios in Partnership With Spotify

Nairobi-born singer songwriter and producer Maya Amolo is the latest Kenyan artist to perform one of her singles on the Colors’ stage, as part of Spotify’s partnership with the brand. 

For her A Colors Show, Maya, who in March 2022 was Spotify’s first-ever Fresh Finds Africa artiste, treats us to a special performance of ‘Where Ya Been?’, a highlight from her deluxe album, Asali (which translates to Honey in Kiswahili).

Maya’s sweet tones coat her performance of the song as effortlessly as honey flows on warm fluffy pancakes.

For her interview, about the performance and the song Maya said: “This is gonna sound so corny but I was just finding myself. I was in the groove and I was like okay cool, I’m coming back. I’m coming out. Here is where I’ve been, you know, doing my thing creating, collaborating. [It’s all about] big stages and a bigger community.

"Be yourself, have fun and build your community as well,” she adds. 

Speaking about collaborating with her mother, the photographer and multidisciplinary creative  Mumbi Muturi, Maya said: “I think I work well with her because she sees me like, the essence of me like me to my core. So whenever I see her work translating, I do feel like it’s the most honest version of myself. 

“And I think starting out it’s nice to establish that before you know going on and working with different people. So it’s like starting at home building from within and then exploring and doing other cool things with other cool people."