Drake: “Scary Hours 3” and 3 songs you need to hear from the superstar rap artist

 Drake, the Canadian hip-hop superstar announced on Wednesday that he will be releasing his brand new and latest EP (Extended Play) “Scary Hours 3” on Friday.

As per reports, he made the announcement through a video that was shot in Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. In the video Drake was seen and heard saying that he didn’t need to “appease” anyone. He further went ahead to say that he was very confident with his work that he could “disappear” for six months, a year and even two years.

In this track Drake reportedly feels like a motivational speaker where he is heard to be speaking in a very direct manner and asking his female fans to avoid social media. As opposed to his normally loverboy lyricism, Drake gave a very “fraternal” energy in this track which has made this a fan favourite.

Child’s Play

This is one of Drake’s most revered tracks where he talks about a night out at his beloved Cheesecake Factory, and then gradually goes towards 

Know Yourself

This track is reportedly known as a “civic anthem” for Drake who hails from a city in Canada which doesn’t have a legendary hip-hop figure. This track talks about his time in Toronto, where he grew up coupled with an amazing beat. This track is also one of the staple songs for Drake when he performs live.

The latest video showed Drake going to a dark area in the hall where he said that he was in a “mental state” which has come after doing nothing. He ..