More women emerge to share horrifying dates with John Matara, suspect in Starlet Wahu murder

 The murder of socialite Starlet Wahu has taken a new twist with several women coming out to confess their chilling ordeals at the hands of John Matara, the main suspect in the murder.

Women who claimed to have been victims of Matara claimed that his specialty is luring women from dating sites, charming them and spending money on them before organizing arranging for a meeting at Airbnbs.

It is here that according to the women, Matara unleashes his violence and conning ways in what they termed as a nightmare.

Unleashing the beast in him with violence, extortion and blackmail

Once at the accommodation space, the suspect is accused of coercing his victims to borrow money from their relatives and friends which he seizes before vanishing into the thin air.

According to the traumatized victims, nothing is off the table for Matara as one confessed to the press that he forced her to record an explicit video which he used to blackmail her, threatening to leak the same in an extortion scheme that would be the nightmare of any lady.

Another victim recounted meeting Matara for a date at an Airbnb, describing him as nice and friendly during the day when they got to their accommodation that he had booked for a night of fun.

Things however took a drastic turn towards midnight when according to the victim, Matara unleashed the animal in him.

He turned violent, beating her and threatening to use an iron box and a knife on her to inflict more harm and ordered the victim to transfer money in her accounts to his.

She was lucky to make it out alive as according to her, Matara who she positively identified from the CCTV footage on Wahu’s murder fits the shoes of a serial killer.

Another woman who suffered at the hands of Matara told the press that in her case, Matara extorted money from his friends and relatives totaling about Sh50,000 on their date that went south.

With his accounts full from the loot, Matara would then tie her up on a chair and lock the room from outside.

The chilling encounters shared by the brave women who have spoken up on their encounters have raised question on how many other victims could still be out there if the accounts shared are true.

That the incidents went unreported, leaving the suspect roaming free and luring other victims if the women’s account is anything to go by is another area of concern

Matara was arrested after escaping from the Airbnb apartment where the lifeless body of Starlet Wahu.