"Dennis Okari did not dump me, I left" Betty Kyalo speaks out

Former TV personality Betty Kyallo has revealed that she is currently not seeking a relationship due to her concerns about the motives of potential partners. She explained that her past experiences in relationships have left her questioning the intentions of those who approach her.

“There are good guys out there, but for now, I’m not available,” Kyallo stated. She expressed her belief that being a celebrity often leads to people approaching her with ulterior motives, rather than genuine interest in her as a person.

“I feel like when you are a celebrity or famous, you can never be sure what reason(s) brings someone to your life,” she explained. Kyallo recalled experiencing relationships where she felt objectified and treated as a trophy rather than a valued partner.

“I have been in relationships where I’m just a trophy, by that I mean the guy doesn’t want you to talk or work. He just wants you to sit there looking pretty and smile,” she shared.

Kyallo acknowledged that her success in business and her celebrity status can make it challenging to find genuine connections. She believes that many men may hesitate to approach her due to misconceptions about her lifestyle and expectations.

“For women of our stature, and I have had this discussion with some of my peers, we feel like most good guys shy away from hitting on us because of the perception they have of us. They probably think we are high maintenance,” she observed.

Kyallo encouraged men not to be intimidated by her accomplishments and to approach her with confidence. She emphasized that open communication and mutual understanding are key to building successful relationships.

Reflecting on her past relationships, Kyallo revealed that she has always taken the initiative and ended relationships where she felt undervalued. She recalled one instance where she perceived a man’s withdrawal as a sign of his fear of her financial independence.

“I think he was scared of my maintenance, a bill here, a bill there, so he started acting up and being unavailable,” she explained. Despite this experience, Kyallo maintains positive relationships with most of her exes, highlighting her ability to maintain amicable connections even after breakups.