CONFESSION: Rapper Prezzo speaks on how he led Mungiki for 9 years

 Kenyan rapper and musician Jackson Ngechu Makini, famously known as Prezzo recently shared a remarkable and introspective revelation about a significant chapter in his life that few could have anticipated. 

In a candid interview on YouTube, he opened up about his unexpected involvement with the outlawed Mungiki sect and how he served as one of its youth leaders for nine years under the leadership of former sect leader Maina Njenga.

Prezzo's confession sheds light on a deeply personal journey of his life, from the lows of depression and inner turmoil to the unforeseen turn of events that led him into the shadowy world of Mungiki. It's a story of redemption, transformation, and a reminder of the complex and multifaceted nature of human experiences.

The journey began with a phone call from a brother identified as Andrew, who informed Prezzo that Chairman Njenga wished to meet with him. The call set the stage for a meeting with Njenga at his residence in Karen, a moment that would change the course of Prezzo's life.

""I received a call from his brother, Andrew, saying Chairman Maina Njenga would like to meet you. I asked why, and he replied, ‘Come to Karen; everything is ready for you,'"" Prezzo recalled. It was during a period of his life marked by depression, where he was grappling with inner struggles.

Prezzo confided in his bodyguards, unsure of how to respond to the unexpected invitation. He received advice from one of his bodyguards, who suggested, ""Let’s go; how are you going to win if you don’t play?"" It was a pivotal moment that led Prezzo to accept the invitation.

Hence, Prezzo attended the meeting at Maina Njenga's Karen home, which marked the beginning of his unexpected involvement with the Mungiki-like movement. Maina Njenga offered Prezzo the position of youth leader, a role that Prezzo accepted despite having reservations about the group's nature and activities.

""So, we ventured to Karen, and Maina Njenga had this movement. He needed me to be the youth leader of the Mungiki-like movement, and who am I to say no,"" Prezzo explained. His admission reveals the complexity of the situation and the internal conflicts he faced.

Prezzo's confession further unveiled that he ended up serving as a youth leader in this capacity for an astonishing nine years, marking a significant portion of his life dedicated to the sect's activities. It highlights the power of influence, peer pressure, and the allure of belonging to a community, even if that community is associated with illegal or harmful activities.

During the interview, Prezzo recounted a specific incident during his time as a youth leader. After their initial meeting with Maina Njenga, they proceeded to Limuru, where the police became aware of their presence and dispersed them with tear gas. It is a testament to the tumultuous and often dangerous nature of the activities associated with the Mungiki-like movement.

The Mungiki sect, notorious for its reign of terror in various parts of Kenya, sowed fear among residents and carried out acts of violence. The government initiated a crackdown, leading to the arrest and prosecution of numerous sect members. The internal security minister at the time, John Michuki, was at the forefront of this effort to restore peace and order.

Maina Njenga, the former leader of the sect, underwent a profound transformation, embracing salvation, leaving his past behind, and ultimately becoming a pastor who preaches peace. His journey from being a leader of the Mungiki sect to a proponent of reconciliation and peace is a remarkable testament to the potential for personal growth and change.