Akothee Recalls How 60-Year-Old Friend She Helped Was Texting Nelly Oaks on Her Wedding Day

Veteran singer Akothee has opened up about how different women tried to take her ex, Nelly Oaks, from her because she got married to a Mzungu man. 

The mother of five also revealed that she took his phone and blocked women who were trying to shoot their shot at the singer's ex. 

In a video shared on TikTok by @tiktokdramabackup8, the businesswoman exposed a 60-year-old who was also trying to shade Nelly. 

"I usually feel like taking those screenshots and sending them. They are trying to remove meat from my mouth. And where I went, I was burnt. Women are so mean. Isn't that not bad? Can you hit on your friend's ex? Let me tell you today! Women are so mean. There's a lady I have supported for years. She was my insurance lady. This one hurt me. So much. On my wedding day, she sent Nelly messages very early in the morning, saying that was character development. A woman in her 60s. And she does not even have a relationship. So she was going to hurt someone's son for what reason? Didn't Nelly see that wedding? Or was it a way of telling Nelly that she was available?" she said. 

Her confession left many social media users wondering why she was wedding while still interested in her ex-lover. 

Source: TUKO