“You’re a husband snatcher,” Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife to Amber Ray

“You’re a husband snatcher,” Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife to Amber Ray

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen is always making the headlines for her controversial lifestyle and of course for always picking fights with the wrong crowd.
This time she has gone after popular socialite Amber Ray by blatantly calling her a husband snatcher, and even gone as far as warning married women about her.
Taking to her Instagram, the singer wrote, “This is a small notice from Nicah to my fellow women/wives! Kindly let’s put our husbands in prayers like never before. Sasa imagine ukose kumwombea atoke hapa nje apatane na Amber Ray akuaibishe in public ata umsamehe kila mtu anajua… so let’s pray for our husbands.” 
Now while it is not clear what led her to make such a comment or in this case warning, one thing that is for sure is that netizens read it as a direct attack to Amber Ray.

In fact many of them have shown up in the comment section to question why she had to drag the socialite in all this.

As you can already imagine, the question on many people’s minds is, “Did Amber Ray steal Nicah’s husband?” I mean now that she has mentioned names, might as well explain what grounds she has right?

According to fans in her comment section, it was unnecessary for her to mention Ray’s name like that, saying that if a man was really intending on cheating on his wife, they would still do it and there is really nothing one can do about it.

And as many continued to support and defend Amber Ray in the comment section, she herself had a response of her own. The socialite almost immediately took to her Insta stories, saying that “The blessed don’t beef with the miserable”

Unlike Nicah, Ray may not have mentioned any names but we all knew that her message was also a direct hit at Nicah and that was all she was going to say with regards to the allegations that were made against her.

This is not the first time Nicah is being caught in a crossfire. If you can remember, when Diana B had come forward with a serious accusation agaist Willy Paul saying that Pozze had allegedly attempted to rape her, Nicah was quick to put her on blast saying that she was a liar.

Apparently, Nicah had been there when the whole thing happened saying that Diana was never forced into doing anything out of her own free will.