You Never Supported Gengetone – VDJ Jones Calls Out Willy M Tuva

You Never Supported Gengetone – VDJ Jones Calls Out Willy M Tuva

One of Kenya’s most recognized deejays, VDJ Jones attacked veteran radio host turned musician Mzazi Willy M Tuva through a video seen by Plugged News earlier this morning.

In the video, VDJ Jones makes it very clear that he does not appreciate the fact that Willy M Tuva has never supported the Gengetone genre of music as a radio host but now wants to join them as an artist.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva is the host of the popular radio show Mseto East Africa which has given rise to many musicians in the Kenyan music industry. It is Willy M Tuva that has helped many artists -especially upcoming ones- get airplay for many years and has therefore built up most of the artists in the industry.

However, according to VDJ Jones, who is himself one of Kenya’s most popular and influential producers, Willy M Tuva has constantly refused to play and/or promote the new type of music that emerged almost three years ago, dubbed Gengetone. The Dj insisted that Mzazi Willy, who got his name from “raising” artists from the ground up, completely refused to play Gengetone music on his shows, making it hard for the Gengetone artists to get airplay on most radio stations.

Just recently, Mzazi Willy M Tuva collaborated with popular Gengetone artists, Rekless and Trio Mio on a song titled “Si huchanga”.

This is Mzazi’s first song ever and being a Gengetone track, it has rubbed VDJ Jones, one of the biggest advocates for this new genre of Kenyan music, the wrong way.

He took it upon himself to call out the veteran radio presenter and did not hold back. He went all out.
“A certain old guy has never supported us as Gengetone artists. Now that he is getting out of the radio hosting game, he wants to come to join us, looking for a collaboration? He has never played nor supported our Gengetone music. You all know him. You know who he is. He is too old to join us now. He should go home,” said bitter VDJ Jones in the video he posted earlier this morning.

When you come to think of it, VDJ Jones is actually on to something here. In reality, Mzazi Willy M Tuva has never played Gengetone music on his shows and has also never hosted any artist of the genre on any one of his shows.

This indeed shows that he has not been supporting Gengetone music. How then, is he embracing and even participating in making this genre of music when he is retiring from radio hosting?

After the Gengetone artists built themselves up without his help, it makes sense why some of them would be bitter about this to the point of directly insulting him on a video and sharing it for everyone to see.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a series of trolls and attacks on the radio host from Gengetone artists, whose numbers increase by the day.