“You are now too much” Fans Tell Vera Sidika

“You are now too much” Fans Tell Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has gone on yet another rant on her Instagram and from the way it’s looking, people are starting to get kind of fed up with her episodes.

Vera took to her Instagram today morning to post another of her rants but the difference was this time it seemed like even her fans had had enough of her and her Instagram stories.

It all started yesterday Evening when Vera was in the midst of posting the highlights of her Baby shower, the event that everybody has pretty much looked forward to this entire year.

The posting looked like it went well, with smiling faces all over Vera’s stories, until well, there wasn’t any more.

It seemed like some of the people commenting on her stories got to her because she got to ranting pretty late yesterday, all the way to today morning.

Vera was talking about the people that were saying she did not feed her guests, and the ones saying she stole some of the photos she posted on her stories. And well, the rant was pretty graphic.

Vera went to calling the people broke dumb low-lives Riff Raffs who would never be considered for her guest list, were only watching from their flimsy android devices through Okoa bundles in their bedsitters that they couldn’t afford anyway! She made sure they knew that they were never in the lineup, saying that the problem with poor people is that they never knew what happens in the high-end parties (apparently, people who attend high-end parties do not eat that much due to security reasons, but a broke person was never going to know that anyway because they carry food off of paper bags from parties!)

She concluded the rant by saying she knew her haters were just wallowing in jealousy, but she knew how to deal with them, apparently.

Well, it seems like this time Vera hit a nerve even with her supporters!

Oh, and did we tell you, Vera even mentioned Single mums, for some reason.

The comment section was filled with people that were turned off by her behaviour, many of them wondering why she chose to attack people’s lifestyles, considering not many of her followers were as wealthy as her and most felt personally attacked. People started saying that she was now too much, that even though she was pregnant, it didn’t warrant this behaviour.

If you follow her then you know, this is probably her 20th rant during her pregnancy.

Is Vera becoming too much or should we cut her some slack on behalf of her pregnancy?


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