Willy Paul sends warning to artistes trying to imitate his craft and compete with him

Willy Paul sends warning to artistes trying to imitate his craft and compete with him

Singer Willy Paul has sounded a warning to fellow musicians trying to imitate his craft to match his level.

Ranting on his social media page, the Saldido Records boss stated that he was only in competition with himself and advised other artistes to avoid using him to gauge their musical success.

He went on to address anyone having sleepless nights because of his newly announced upcoming album to take life easy and run their own race.

“The weather in Russia ???????? is very beautiful. The day I realized that I am my own competition is the day everything changed and became 100% better. So to all that are competing with me, stop it! We are not the same and will never be!! You’re your own competition. Don’t let my upcoming album give you sleepless nights… You’ll end up asking for collaborations even from aliens just to beat me! Take life easy and run your race…” he wrote.

Willy Paul’s warning comes amidst his growing brawl with gospel singer Mr Seed after he accused the JigiJigi crooner of lack of support.

Speaking in a previous interview with renowned radio host Willy M. Tuva and Selly Kadot, Mr Seed claimed that he did not invite Willy Paul for his ‘Black Child’ album launch party because he never shows support for other artistes.

“I did not bother inviting him to my album launch because I was sure he could have not showed up. Even if I would have sent him an invitation, Willy Paul would still not have turned up. Willy Paul never supports anyone. Ask artistes out here, he is full of himself and only focuses on his personal projects.

“I don’t have anything personal against him. I am just stating facts, plus I have never been at loggerheads with him. It is just a fact that he never comes through for anyone,” he said.

In a rejoinder, Willy Paul shared a dated video of himself and Mr Seed during a concert ‘giving support’ adding that even during the gospel singer’s traditional wedding he came through for him despite being made fun of when he was still a struggling artist.

“Seed my brother kumbuka mema ya mtu kabla mabaya. Wewe ni ndugu yangu ulisema sijawai kusaidia anyone.. kumbuka I came to your event pale Huruma free na sio hio tu. Ata kwa ruracio yako nika changa and I was even present. Remember zile siku I was a nobody na wewe na wasanii wame make it mlikua mnani chekelea and making fun of me? Sai that God has made a way for me ndio wewe na wenzako mnaona ubaya wangu? Hii chuki yote ninya nini? Is there something you are not telling me?” read part of Willy Paul’s post.

The I Do crooner went on to question in a separate post why netizens are so quick to try and bring him down yet he is just trying to make a decent living like everybody else.

“People attack me so much, I don’t know why, Sijui ni sababu ya success, kwa nini mghetto akimake it inakuwa issue. The fight should be against poverty not Willy Paul. Mimi napenda kuona watu wakiendelea, wasanii wenzangu wakiendelea. Hata wakinitukana ni sawa. Kama inawalipia bills ni sawa. Sijui mbina inaumaa watu mpaka watume watu wacome up ni stories. Guys una-attack jamaa hata hamtoshani?” he wrote.


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