Willy Paul Blasts Sanaipei Tande After She Turned Down His Collaboration Requests

Willy Paul Blasts Sanaipei Tande After She Turned Down His Collaboration Requests

Willy Paul has sensationally reacted to Sanaipei Tande saying that she turned down his request for a collaboration.

After finally catching wind of what the Amina singer said as regards working with him, Paul took to his Instagram blasting the singer and downplaying her success and status, saying he has worked wth stars bigger than her. “THIS KIND OF ATTITUDE NDIO INAFANYA MABWANA WANATOROKA..Yaani huyu Dada Sanaipei.. I grew up listening to her, she was among the top kwa list yangu ya favorites but leo ndio hii interview yake imenifikia nikaumia sana. Being someone’s fan almost maisha yangu yote alafu hivi ndio mtu anaongea? Yes I’m not perfect but wewe sijawai kukosea ata siku moja coz sikujui ivo.. when I saw this clip nimeona kama kuna alot of hatred kutoka kwako,” he began the rant.

He would then go on to question if he ever wronged her for her to say she would not be down for a collaborative project with him. “What wrong have I ever done to you? I’ve worked with the best female artists in the world na hawajawai kuwa na kiburi kama hii yako my sister. I’ve worked with Alaine, Nandy, Size 8 etc na wote ni wakubwa kukushinda but hawajawai kuwa ivi jameni. Walai Nilitaka tu a taste of ur voice kwa #THEAFRICANEXPERIENCEALBUM because I believe I you’re talented vibaya sana. You’re one of the best nimeona so far. Always thought ukona roho safi kumbe iko ivi?” he continued.

Paul’s rants come in the wake of Sana saying she turned down his requests for a collaboration in a recent radio interview. “I responded to him privately after he asked. If he did not get it, that is on him. I work with artistes on grounds that their talent and content speak for themselves,” she sternly stated.

Pozze’s album just dropped today and features Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo, Tanzania’s Juma Jux, Jamaican dancehall heavyweight Gyptian among others.


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