Why Raila Odinga Prefers Uniting Kenyans To Reviving NASA

Why Raila Odinga Prefers Uniting Kenyans To Reviving NASA

During the mass on 24th June 2021, of the late former member of parliament, Jakoyo Midiwo which was attended by many leaders with majority being the members of NASA coalition.

Most of these leaders who were given chance to speak beseeched the co -principals of the coalition to sit down and talk. The image they were portraying to the nation was not good yet amongst them there is a president whom Kenyans need that can govern them.

These comes after Kalonzo Musyoka allegedly claimed it was time for Raila to back him for president. In his sentiment he said that no way he was going to support Raila odinga when he kept losing the election.

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The threatened to withdraw from the coalition.
Days later the three co -principals , Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungoma senator after consultive meeting amongst them , made their mind to withdraw from coalition. According to the Coalition constitution if more than three parties withdraw from the coalition it is destroyed.

Musalia Mudavadi in his defense said that its possible to revive the already divided coalition but only if they work on basis of trust.

These was after rumors that ODM extension to form a coalition with Jubilee party. These was later confirmed by Jubilee party general sectarian Raphael Tuju. Raila in his defense said that its time to unify Kenya and not to work on path of Ethnicity.

Main reason for NASA coalition was to unify the Luos, Kamba and the Lughya whose cumulative votes would counteract that of Mount Kenya region who has high number of registered voters.

These brought about ethnic difference between supporters of NASA and that of Jubilee. And as a result some few people lost there lives.

Secondly , Raila isn’t after the idea of backing up Kalonzo Musyoka. Even though he hasn’t announced publicly his interest on vie for presidential election.

As at know the former Prime minister is after Building Bridges Initiative to be accepted by the court and passed.

He is sure that only BBI is the only source that can unify and bring sense of belonging to all Kenyan citizens.