Why Huddah is reportedly under house arrest in Dubai

Why Huddah is reportedly under house arrest in Dubai

Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroes, real name Alhuda Njoroge has dismissed reports that she is under house arrest in Dubai.

As we reported earlier, the Huddah Cosmetics CEO was in trouble over fraud-related allegations associated with her boyfriend Apocalypse Bella.

Bella who is currently in jail was arrested by the United States authorities on March 18, 2021, over Ksh 1.5 billion theft.

It is the investigations on Bella’s associates that allegedly led to Huddah’s arrest.

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However, the socialite has come out guns-blazing to deny such reports as the creation of idle bloggers.

Taking to her Insta Stories, Huddah warned her fans against falling for such stories lest they fall into depression.

” If you follow what idlers say about Huddah, you’ll die of depression! Huddah is just doing Huddah. Nobody can ever take me down. Only God and myself,” she wrote.

She also took a swipe at those peddling the story calling them small minds. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

Huddah has been living in the United Arab Emirates City of Dubai for the last year having relocated in February 2020.

While revealing that she was enjoying her life over there, the sassy entrepreneur disclosed that she had no intentions of coming back to Kenya.

However, she recently said that she had missed her family and was making plans to return ‘home’

“Can’t wait to touch down Homeland. Been a Minute. Something about the mother” shared Huddah Monroe.