VIDEO: Krg The Don & Dufla Attacked By Street Urchins

VIDEO: Krg The Don & Dufla Attacked By Street Urchins

Kenyan musicians Karuga Kimani, better known as KRG The Don and Dufla Diligon, formerly of Grandpa Records, are recuperating after being attacked by street urchins in Nanyuki.

While circumstances surrounding the incident are scanty, reports indicate that the two artists were in the town that is located in the former Central province when they were accosted by street kids after their performance.

In an Instagram post, KRG, who is known for his flashy lifestyle revealed that he sustained some injuries while defending Dufla from the attackers.

Further, he noted that Dufla would be in the hospital were it not for him, adding that they would have removed his throat.

“Machokora wa Nanyuki wako na moto sana weh. They almost removed Dufla’s throat,” he wrote.
Earlier today, KRG posted a video that showed Dufla with a bandage on his left arm. However, he did not explain how he sustained that injury or the events leading to it.

“@dufladiligon uko na hahati sana! We are good though just small injuries #Bughaaa #FullKisunzi but I’m happy amepata adabu kidogo,” he wrote.

The Mathogothanio hitmaker let it slip that he is a good boxer in another post writing, “Lakini Bughaa anapiga ngumi mbaya sana.”
A similar incident occurred in December 2020 after award-winning gospel disc jockey Samuel Muraya, known to you and I as DJ Mo, was attacked by thugs along a busy highway while in the company of his family.

According to the former Crossover 101 host, he was driving back to the city with his wife and kids at night when thugs attacked them along the busy Nairobi-Naivasha highway.

DJ Mo let it slip that thugs hurled a stone at his car, a Range Rover Sport, thinking that he would slow down but he did not.
Be warned! Those who use Nakuru – Nairobi Highway, listen, if anything happens to you at Kinungi, especially at night, never ever stop.
I have heard several cases and jana it happened to us. In case uskie gari imerushiwa mawe, don’t stop, don’t swerve concentrate and even if ni tyre burst enda na rim kindly. Thugs want you stop and they rob you of everything. Be warned especially this holiday season. Stay safe watu nguyas,” he wrote.