VIDEO: Eve Mungai shows off her bedroom skills

VIDEO: Eve Mungai shows off her bedroom skills

Popular YouTuber, Eve Mungai has shown fans another side of her that they had not yet seen. Eve, who is often conservative and reserved on her channel gave fans a look at how she is in the bedroom.

She took to her Instagram page to share a video that many considered naughty. In the video, Eve was on the playground having some fun on a type of see-saw. While on the contraption Eve was being suggestive with the way she was moving up and down.

Fans were quick to take note of what she was trying to portray in the video as they took to the comment section to give their opinions of what they were seeing. Many fans were shocked and noted as much.

Others were enjoying the video as they were getting to see a side of Eve Mungai they have never seen before.

Eve Mungai and her boyfriend, popularly known as Director Trevor, have a really nice love story. The couple’s love tale is reminiscent of a modern Nairobi love story, and the two recently discussed their relationship on Presenter Ali’s YouTube channel. They said they met each other while in toxic relationships and connected over their shared experiences before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Eve and Trevor described how they established their own YouTube channel and how it impacted their lives by providing them with life-changing money throughout the conversation.

Trevor directs the Mungai Eve Show, his girlfriend’s popular YouTube channel, and the two are business partners in addition to being a couple.

Trevor, Eve noted, was the one who advised her on starting a YouTube channel. She says she had no idea what YouTubing was at the time, and she wasn’t even on Instagram. Eve expressed her gratitude to Trevor for not giving up on her, as she is prone to giving up on difficult tasks.

It’s a good thing Trevor didn’t give up on his girlfriend because the two recently shared a huge milestone in their relationship on their own Instagram sites.

Since they began their joint venture on January 21, 2020, the two have said that their business partnership is thriving and that their joint venture has continued to develop.

The two informed and thanked fans for helping them get to 400k subscribers on their page. The two were excited at their accomplishment, and predictably so.


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