Vera Sidika responds on why she still has Beef with Huddah Monroe

Vera Sidika responds on why she still has Beef with Huddah Monroe

Kenyan Socialite turned businesswoman Vera Sidika has once again quashed reports of beefing with Beautypreneur Huddah Monroe.

In a Q&A session, a curious fan reached out to Ms Sidika with a question on why she is always beefing with Ms Monroe.

“Do You hate Huddah Monroe” asked the fan.

However, in quick rejoinder Vera explained that she has never had beefed with Huddah, confirming that they were friends in the past.

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“Never. Not even once we actually used to be friends in the past. When I was new in Nairobi 2009-2010.” Explained Vera.

In a separate post, Sidika sought to clarify why she used to hide her pregnancy.

“I just didn’t want to ruin the surprise. If I told you all, then there would be no special pregnancy reveal. It would just be a Juakali announcement or if someone just took a random pic of me and leaked, there would be no surprise” said Vera.

Adding that; “Aki my biggest fear was Edgar Obare and his students. Woi. I’m lucky to have great loyal friends, they knew for months. I even shared videos with them of my bump and nothing leaked. Damn!!”.

The two have been considered enemies for a long time but in October 2019, Ms Sidika said that Ms Monroe is the one obsessed with her and always throwing shade her way.

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“Mimi sina Beef na yeye, as far as I know she is the one who throws shade at me all the time. Lakini, I know how to handle my business and most of the time I just ignore it. Sina beef nay eye na kulikuwa na muda I wanted ours to do business her, Lakini people are different you know. Watu lazima watakugombea so it’s not a big deal for me. The comparison always spice up the game but I don’t really get involved with other people’s life’s, like I don’t know what she is up to I dint know what she does, me I live my life my own way” said Vera.

On the other hand, the former Big Brother representative (Huddah) blamed the media for always pitting them against each other, as if they are enemies.

“Honest to God, she has never been an issue. We are two totally different people. She is doing her and I am doing me. Media will always make everything seem so bad and they create beef where it doesn’t exist. So you end up hating on another for no reason. That’s not who I am. I am generally a very loving person. I regret all the bullshit and all the social media dramas and that’s why I don’t do it anymore. Cheers to positivity,” she said.