UpNext–>Kisumu based musician Gabiro Mtu Necessary making major moves

UpNext–>Kisumu based musician Gabiro Mtu Necessary making major moves

Rapper and singer Gabiro Mtu Necessary is a joyous man after achieving a milestone that other Kenyan artists can only dream of. Gabiro on Wednesday, July 13, revealed that he had been included as a voting member of the Grammy.

“You’re looking at the new Recording Academy/GRAMMYs voting member,” Gabiro announced. He confirmed that he had been officially contacted and was happy for the achievement.

“GPS location said it’s my time so here we go,” the rapper continued basking in all the success that he was getting from his music. The Kisumu-based rapper expressed his excitement at the new recognition by posting a small clip of the announcement.

The video showed an official invite by the Recording Academy for the role sent to him.

Gabiro also went on to Facebook to affirm that this news was a big success story for him and he was honored to be considered a voter by the Grammys.

When something happens twice its never luck and so yea GRAMMYs making me a voting member after last year’s recognition simply means I am doing the right thing.

Thanks to everyone out there seeing what I’m doing and showing appreciation because I value it,” he reported.

Last year the rapper was recognized by being sent an album consideration. His album Saint John was considered for an award by the Recording Academy. Gabiro was ecstatic about the recognition and adding on today’s made him appreciate his talent more.

He shared last year’s news on his Twitter by noting that he was almost giving up when he got the news of a Grammy consideration.

Never imagined myself on the GRAMMYs but when God says it’s time then it’s time  first Kisumu-based rapper & singer to be considered for the 
#GRAMMYs” the artist posted.

The Grammy’s does not just allow anyone to be a member and have the ability to vote. According to their website, only recording Academy members are eligible to vote for the Grammy Awards.

This means that all the artists that win at the Grammys are determined by the artists’, musicians’, songwriters’, and producers’ peers.

Members of the Recording Academy are classified as either voting, student or professional members. Student members are those studying to be involved in the music industry.

Professional members are made up of industry professionals while voting members are those involved firsthand with the creation of music.

Gabiro was born in 1995 and officially started music in 2013. The rapper is also an actor, a website designer, and a songwriter. The first song he ever recorded was ‘Ball Till I fall’, but his other record ‘Story’ earned him praise and award nominations.

Later in 2016, he got featured in a song called ‘Kila Mtu Ako Juu Kivyake’ which introduced him to the mainstream. The rapper has continued to improve his craft and has had major collaborations with mainstream artists in the Kenyan industry.

He has collaborations with Mombasa Bongo star Kidis and Gengetone shining star Only One Delo under his belt.