Uhuru Says He Does Not Kill People As He Tells Off Ruto

Uhuru Says He Does Not Kill People As He Tells Off Ruto

The tussle between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto over 2022 succession politics has continued to unfold with the head of state now saying ‘he has no intention of killing his deputy or other leaders making such claims.

Speaking during the commissioning of Nairobi Expressway, President Kenyatta stated that for the last three years Ruto and allies have been on a spree to mudsling and insult him while he remained silent.

He insisted that the opportune time for him to ‘act’ was then and now that he is on his final days to complete his two five-year constitutional terms, that is not his agenda.

“There is no need of telling people that I want to kill you, haven’t you insulted me for three years has anyone touched you. Have I not been in government in the three years, I had all the powers?” he posed.

“Now when am handing over the government when I have no powers is when I have time to look for you?”

President Kenyatta pointed out that there is no need for insults saying all he has been doing is to call out DP Ruto for lying to Kenyans in the public domain.

“There is no need for insults and when I answer you lies do not tell people I want to kill you…. Sell your agenda and stories and leave me alone. I will do my job and complete it. You go and ask the electorate for votes, if they elect you that’s fine and if not, we will go home together,” the Head of State stated.

The DP accused the President of threatening him and his allies in the Kenya Kwanza brigade telling him to bring it on as he is not scared.

“As long as you don’t kill my children, I am ready to face you in this election with your project,” Ruto said.

“President, you shouldn’t be the source of a threat in Kenya. Stop threatening Kenyans. Your work is to ensure that all Kenyans are safe. Stop telling us that we will know that you’re the President,” he added during a campaign tour of Nandi County.

DP Ruto stated threats towards him will not block his presidential bid noting that it is unstoppable.

“Stop engaging me my friend, kindly push your own candidate. Mr President please, stop talking about me, talk about your candidate. Tell us Raila’s agenda and leave William Ruto alone,” Ruto stated.