Top 4 Richest Celebrity Kids

Top 4 Richest Celebrity Kids

The number of millionaires and billionaires is rising fast not just worldwide but in Africa as well.

Most kids inherit wealth from their parents while there are those who have made a name for themselves, ever since they were born- best believe.

Some of the kids in Africa have acquired a lot of wealth even before they stepped into kindergarten.

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The richest people in the world are basically adults however, there are kids who make it to the list. There are several kids who have already touched the hem of soft life and lots of money making them millionaires and billionaires.

We are in the 21st century and the use of social media is increasing. People are fully embracing innovation and technology.

Through social media, we are able to see these kids live a social life and, it is actually how some of them have made their money by being content creators at just ten years old.

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We see them in expensive homes, cars, and going on the most expensive vacations. They have the most expensive lifestyle compared to you and me both! Here are 4 of the top richest kids in Africa.

Princess Tiffah

Princes Tiffah is Zari Hassan’s only daughter, and because of that, she gets to have everything n the world. The day Zari and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz unveiled the face of their Tiffah, the National Microfinance Bank allegedly sponsored the event.

It is not clear how much the parents were paid but, I guess you can imagine. A lot of companies are already investing in Princess Tiffah, she is barely ten years old but many girls would die to have such a lifestyle.

Tiffah is worth a lot of millions.

Prince Nilan

Nilan is Zari’s last-born son. On his first birthday, his dad spent twenty million Tanzanian shillings for his birthday. Diamond Platnumz charges up to at least 5 million Kenya shillings to perform in events outside Tanzania.

Zari on the other hand is one of the most accomplished businesswomen in Africa.

No doubt, both Nilan and Tiffah have a secured future.


Compared to the above-mentioned kids, Emanuella is not riding on her parent’s wealth. Everything that she owns, she worked for it, she once made headlines after building a mansion for her mother.

Her current net worth is said to be $150,000 making her among the richest kids in Nigeria. She is young, creative, and rich!

Imade Adeleke

Imade is rapper Davido’s daughter. On her birthday, she got a Range Rover. What is the most expensive gift you have ever received? Like Nilan and Tiffah, Imade’s future is secured.