There’s No Short Cut To Success – Cartoon Comedian

There’s No Short Cut To Success – Cartoon Comedian

Popular female comedienne Vannesa Akinyi popularly known as Cartoon Comedian shared her two cents of advice regarding her way to stardom.

The celebrated actress maintained that it’s year’s of hardwork and soul searching that made her stand out in the laugh industry, she spoke to the godfather of comedy Churchill in his journey series edition.

“As a woman fight till the end usiwahi give up,usipende short cuts, amka  tu asubuhi do what you love with passion, read, mi ni msee wa ghetto lakini mi hu read nipate knowledge ni understand how i live my life” she explained.

Rising From The Shackles Of Poverty

Growing up Cartoon Comedian encountered a hard life. Born and raised in Kayole lacking basic amenities as food, school fees and rent was the order of the day.

“Vannesa ni manzi wa ghetto na nilizaliwa Kayole born and raised there, kuna masimba,kuna Kayole One so mi ni msee wa Masimba huko ndani, niligrow up na life hard since niwe mtoi story tu za kukosa rent, food hakuna msee ametoka Kayole atakushow tulikuwa tunadrive” she narrated.

Her school days were characterized with long treks as her family wouldn’t afford bus rides.

“Shule nilisomea Kayole kuna nyingine ilikuwa inaitwa ‘Gracious’ nikatoka huko nikaenda Donholm Primary lakini sisi hatukuwa tunapanda gari, tunatembea from Kayole to Donholm Primary” She added.

Birth Of The ‘Inani Affect, Inani Suffocate’ Slogan

Cartoon Comedian is famed for the slogan ‘Inani Affect Inani Suffocate’ which has become part of everday’s lingua,  some artist’s also populized it by using it on their songs.

Her acting partner Steve Mogul made her come up with the tagline due to his heavy use of the English language which she felt as a turn off then.

“Nilikuwa na beste yangu alikuwa anaitwa Steve Mogul, Steve anaongeanga English 24/7 so tukakaa tukaona goodness ‘this is too much inani affect, inanisumbua i can’t do this anymore,” she revealed.

On Dating Crazy Kennar

Cartoon made it clear that she’s not in a relationship with fellow comedian Crazy Kennar but enjoys a cordial working environment since they work under one management.

“Crazy Kennar we’re friends pia sisi ni team mates, we have the same management so like juu ya hio opportunity ya kuwa mabeste we like collaborate at times… Watu wanatuconnect by force” posed Cartoon.

Indeed the road to success is quite harrowing and requires discipline, hardwork, determination and resilience.


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