Tanasha Flies To Tanzania After Diamond Announce Reunion With Zari

Tanasha Flies To Tanzania After Diamond Announce Reunion With Zari

Tanasha Donna is expected to land in Tanzania in the next few days from Nigeria.

Tanasha is expected to be in Bongoland where she is expected to perform at a concert organized by singer Nandy.

Nandy revealed that Tanasha will be performing at her event dubbed TTCL Nandy Festival 2021 that will take place on Saturday in Dodoma.

In a post shared on Instagram, Nandy said that Tanasha has confirmed that she will be performing at the event.

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At the event, Tanasha will have the opportunity to perform and interact with her fans who she also her in-laws now that her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz comes from Tanzania.

Tanasha’s visit to Tanzania seems peculiar since it is just a month ago, she revealed that she won’t be doing live shows for the next year.

According to Tanasha, she will be taking a break from live shows so that she can focus on perfecting her music career, redefining her talent, and building her brand.

“Guys at the moment I’m not doing any shows, I’m taking time to focus on perfecting my craft and my sound and I’m about to come up with a whole different sound. My focus has now been diverted fully onto that,” Tanasha told her fans in a video posted on her Instagram stories.

I will be doing shows later in 2022… But right now I feel like I’m not ready because the type of show I want to put is on a certain level that I’m not at,” she added.

With the current revelation, it seems Tanasha has a change of heart and will now join Nandy, Professor Jay, Mr. Blue, and Rosa Ree in Dodoma for the live event.

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Her change of heart, however, comes just a day after Diamond revealed that he will be featuring in a reality show with his South Africa-based baby mama, Zari Hassan.

On Tuesday, June 22, Netflix revealed that Diamond and Zari will join other young and successful African stars in the African reality show on its platform.

“They’re young, they’re fresh, they’re unapologetically African and they’re coming to your screens!” Netflix announced in an Instagram post.

While introducing Diamond to its audience, Netflix described the singer as a romantic man who treats all his girlfriends as his wives. The description is thought to have implied that in the show, the Baikoko hitmaker will display his romantic and caring nature.

On the other end, Zari is expected to display her motherly and bossy character in the reality show dubbed Young Famous And African.

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Born in Uganda. Flourishing in Mzansi. Now we’re taking over Netflix! See me bossing it up on @netflixsa and @naijaonnetflix’s first-ever African reality show,” Zari said.

It is not immediately clear whether it is the announcement about Diamond and Zari being involved in the show that has prompted Tanasha to fly to Tanzania with an excuse of performing at the show or it’s just because she misses interacting with her Tanzanian fans.

It is not, however, the first time Tanasha is flying to Tanzania after Diamon and Zari meet or plan to meet. A few weeks ago, Tanasha was in Tanzania with Diamond a week before Zari met the Wasafi boss.

Tanasha and Diamond dated for about two years between 2018 and early 2020 before they broke up after disagreements. The two have a son together, Naseeb Junior.