Supporters join hands for Omosh once more

Supporters join hands for Omosh once more

After all the skirmish and all the backtalk on social media, it seems Omosh is yet to be put down, and his plight will always pull at Kenyan’s merciful strings!

It seems that with everything that has happened so far, he is still receiving help from his clearly devoted fans who will stop at nothing to see this man rise again.

It has been reported that Omosh has received even more help from his fans, specifically from one B Classic, a musician. B Classic is a secular artist who just began his journey into entertainment in 2020 but has managed to climb the ranks, producing Chart-toppers with bigger musicians like Nadia.

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B Classic took to his Instgram page to announce that he would be donating all of the things that Omosh had mentioned in the interview namely A High-Quality camera, a tripod stand.

The video B Classic said that he had seen how everybody seemed to gang up on Omosh, calling him names and telling him he didn’t deserve the money he even got in the first round but expressed that as human being we all need a second chance at redemption since none of us is perfect and he loved the work that Omosh already, sympathising with him.

He then showed the items which he remarked were all brand new and unused, saying that Omosh deserved to earn a wage like everyone else, saying that as men, they all needed to make their way through life in any way that could happen, as long as he would make his living the right way like everybody else and did not have to depend on donations from Kenyans to eat.

He finished the video by telling Omosh to look for him on his social media to get his items.

Omosh found himself in hot soup after an interview that he did made rounds on social media, making him go viral in the name of asking for more help.

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Many people found this to also be the perfect time to highlight his addictions, with many of them saying that the only reason he was almost finished with the millions get had received was because he was back at it with the alcohol addiction.

However, even with all the flack that had been going around, there seems to be a small group that heavily sympathises with Omosh, some of them saying that we needed to help him because it was due to Kenyans insistence that he left his rural home to come to Nairobi, others emphasizing that he needed professional help and others believing in the power of second chances.

Do you think he needs more help or should he start another hustle elsewhere?