Sultry Singer Chloe Bailey Is Taking Over The Industry By Storm

Sultry Singer Chloe Bailey Is Taking Over The Industry By Storm

American singer ChloeBailey and her sister Halle Bailey have been on a rollercoaster music ride since their album ‘Ungodly Hour’ debuted last year.

The two sisters are signed on to Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment label. They also star on the sitcom series ‘Grownish’, a show that catapulted them to stardom before their music careers took off.

Something that is so apparent with them is their elaborate stage performances. They are known to pull off breathtaking performances at award shows, and Chloe Bailey has especially grown synonymous with her sensual dancing both on and off the stage. You may have come across several of her videos showcasing her dancing ability, something that further points to the fact that she is Beyonce’s protege.

Her latest performance had her trending for hours on social media. The 22-year-old singer performed at the Soul Of A Nation concert, a Juneteenth concert, and she had everyone talking. The multitalented artiste performed a rendition of Nina Simone’s song Feeling Good, and gave it her sexy twist and social was all up in flames.

While many enjoyed and praised the performance, others felt it was way too sexualised for a Nina Simone song. ”A beautiful tribute to Black life until Chloe’s people let her do that, ” read a comment. ”That’s Beyonce’s prodigy right there!! I know that’s right Chloe!!, ” read another.

The singer gets as much love as she gets hate but has no signs of putting her sexy performances at bay anytime soon.

In 2020, they released their second studio album ‘Ungodly Hour’ to critical acclaim, earning them three Grammy Award nominations including Best Progressive R&B Album, Best R&B Song for “Do It” and Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Wonder What She Thinks of Me”.