Singer Wahu finally talks to her childhood crush

Singer Wahu finally talks to her childhood crush

Before she was Mrs Mathenge, Wahu was the definition of a free woman out to get her slice of life’s pie. She was bold, wore screaming colours with exciting makeup, tenacious, many people recall how loud and proud she was on the stage -even her singing was out of this world, she frequently did daring songs challenging most men that would dare come against her and did not flinch to put any person in their place when if they dared to face her.

Even Nameless said he was severely intimidated by her at the first meet because she was so striking in looks and personality!

For this reason, her amazon female persona took off and shot her to the top of the totem pole. A woman who sang like a rock star in a time when soul music was at its very best level, Wahu found herself with many admirers and fans from all over the country who wouldn’t help but wonder who this girl was and why did she have so much confidence?

However, when she and Nameless met and fell deeply in love, Wahu somehow began to relax on her crazy-girl routine. Instead of the hot up-and-running music, she would make, she began to do romantic collabos with Ugandan artists in slower, more sensual music that catered to the current style. But don’t get us wrong, she still had that oomph and she still definitely had that star quality that got her fans on edge and check!

What she probably didn’t know was that as she was getting her awakening, some people had developed genuine feelings for her.

Wahu has just made a post in response to one of the fans that confessed his undying love for her, which had stemmed all the way from his pre-teen years!

The fan said
“Please don’t remind me of that day in 2005 when i was in class three and I nearly dropped out of school when i saw it on the newspaper.

As the couple that has always been and would always be Kenya’s top IT couple, Nameless and Wahu have done a whole lot for themselves over the years!

Not only do they both look really good and young in spite of being together for almost 20 years, but Nameless and Wahu have also maintained the status quo in a world and society that does not forgive ageing, ad have both even gone further to cement their way into Kenyan showbiz making it a family affair instead!

Not just that, Wahu has also maintained her beauty but in addition to that, she still has that spark of crazy and wild in her hair, the difference is just that she’s a married mom now. aper that Nameless has taken my crush..alafu pia then my girlfriend left me juu ya boy ako na toughees..It was a vere vere bad day”

You must admit, however, at her level of fame she must have been the object of too many people’s affections!
Wahu responded by screenshotting the comment and telling her followers to have a small moment for the crush that was heartbroken because she and Nameless got hitched.