Singer Nviiri Dumps Elodie — Pulls Up With New Bae

Singer Nviiri Dumps Elodie — Pulls Up With New Bae

It seems as though Nviiri The Storyteller has moved on! Well, before we actually jump the gun and say that Nviiri broke up with Elodie, what’s going on with them?

Well, word has it that the two broke up during a Mombasa vacation they took to work things out. Turns out things didn’t go as they planned they would because Elodie is said to have come back to Nairobi alone.

Things escalated during their vacation and we had a front row seat to their relationship drama. If you’re not up to speed with the drama that took place in Mombasa, we’ve got you.

So here’s what happened. Elodie apparently accused Nviiri of emotionally and physically abusing her. She then alleged that she had broken up with him and left him n Mombasa. Only for Nviiri to go live and show the world that he was still with Elodie at the coast. He then went ahead to say that Elodie was mentally unstable.

Wuueh! Talk about toxicity!

It is then that Sol Generation, Nviiri’s signing label decided to step in. We’re thinking this is where it went downhill. The record label issued a statement saying that they would offer the two counselling services and were taking the issue seriously. Soon after the statement, Elodie flew back to Nairobi unaccompanied by Nviiri and we’ve not seen much of the couple.


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Did they break up? Probably.

Well, given the latest on Nviiri, it looks like he’s already found himself a new bae.

On Friday the Kitenge hitmaker took to Instagram stories to share a video of himself and a beautiful lady.

He then captioned the video, “Proud to be Kenyan,” with the love eyes emoji.

We don’t know about you, but we can smell the love in the air!

A little digging on the lady in the video with Nviiri reveals that she is Miss World Kenya 2019 so that explains her beauty. Nviiri has hit it big this time and we couldn’t be happier for him!

By the way, did we mention that Elodie and Nviiri had for a long time refuted claims of being together? That’s right. Despite being seen together on multiple occasions, they maintained for long that they were just good friends. It is not until the Niko sawa music video that the two confirmed that they were actually dating. Well, things didn’t last long because as it seems, the two are no longer a couple!