Singer Masauti in hot soup for scam claims

Singer Masauti in hot soup for scam claims

It seems as though once you join the showbiz industry in Kenya, scandals start to hit you right, left and centre. Coast-based musician, Masauti is the latest celebrity to have been pulled right at the centre of a scandal and it’s not looking good for him and his brand.

On Thursday, a Nairobi-based designer decided to expose Masauti on controversial blogger, Edgar Obare’s Instagram stories.

The designer, Melina Gold has accused Masauti of taking advantage of his hustle and taking her in rounds over his payments. According to the designer, her team designed outfits for Masauti’s video shoot for an upcoming music video but the singer has not yet paid him for his services and time.

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Melina Gold told Edgar that Masauti had promised to pay her for the outfits with the promise that he wasn’t like other artists who refuse to pay their service providers.

From screenshots posted on Obare’s stories, Masauti is seen agreeing to the pricing for each outfit but after the video is done, he changes his mind and accuses the designer of charging him too expensive. The musician agreed to pay for a total of six outfits at Ksh 6,500 each meaning he owes the designer a total of Ksh 39,000.

The designer has claimed that Masauti has gone MIA since the video shoot and any efforts to reach him have been unsuccessful. Well, according to Masauti, his excuse for the delay in making the payments has been caused because he has been in consultation with his team, something that the designer isn’t convinced of.

We think that artists taking advantage of upcoming service providers is the norm in Kenya and we’ve seen it all too many times.

Just a few months ago, Tanasha Donna was also accused of not paying a makeup artist after shooting her music video, KALYPSO, where she collaborated with Khaligraph.

The makeup artist who also took Edgar’s route to expose the singer claimed that Tanasha had gone silent after the shoot and any efforts to reach her were unsuccessful. She even sent countless messages to Tanasha’s manager, but her efforts went ignored.

After this and many more incidents, you would think that Kenyan service providers would now be much more careful with artists and sign properly drawn contracts but it seems as though they do not learn.

It’s clear that many Kenyan artists are out to take advantage of service providers who don’t have much of a say and are just happy to work with celebrities.