Singer Barakah Da Prince Shares Proof That Diamond Is A Devil Worshipper

Singer Barakah Da Prince Shares Proof That Diamond Is A Devil Worshipper

A Tanzanian singer has accused Diamond Platnumz of deceiving his fans.

On Saturday, Tanzanian musician, Baraka The Prince took to Instagram to accuse Diamond of being a devil worshipper.

According to Baraka, Diamond and his mother, Mama Dangote have been using black magic to become successful in life. The singer has revealed that he would soon come with evidence to his claims about Diamond and his mother.

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“Aisee Watanzania Ndugu zangu Tuweke pembeni leo Ushabiki Maandazi na tutumie hekima na ubinadamu na busara uyu @mama_dangote mama yake na @diamondplatnumz ni mama wa ajabu sijawahi kuona Duniani . Nakuja na story soon kwanini nimeandika hivi ndugu zangu…”

Additionally, Baraka The Prince has also accused the whole Wasafi Records of being agents of the devil.

“Hawa @wcb_wasafi ni mawakala wa shetani,” wrote the distressed artist.

Could this be a case of a scorned artist who is jealous of the Diamond and his success? Or is it a case of an artist trying to ride on another successful artist’s name?

A look into Baraka The Prince shows a struggling artist who is probably jealous that Diamond is getting more love from Tanzanians. It is worth noting, however, that Baraka has in the past attributed his decision to pursue music to Dangote. So, what could have changed the artist’s feelings towards Diamond?

Whatever the case, Baraka seems to be convinced that he has enough evidence against Diamond. He has cautioned Tanzanians to be careful about Diamond because one day he might cause a lot of harm in the country.

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Trust me Guys kuna siku mtakuja kuniambia na kama Atutokuja kumkemea uyu Supers star mavi @diamondplatnumz na mkaendelea kumbembeleza kama yai la mwisho ndani atakuja kusababisha machafuko makubwa sana katika taifa hili.

Diamond has in the past linked to devil-worshipping, the use of black magic and even the Illuminati due to his great wealth and success in the music industry. However, he has continued to refute the claims and no evidence has been sufficient to prove the claims.

When his hit song with Kofi Olomide, Waah was released, he broke Arica’s record by being the first African singer to hit 2 million viewers on YouTube. While some of his fans congratulated the singer, others accused him of being a member of the Illuminati cult.

Well, this isn’t Diamond’s only problem as he recently experienced opposition from his own country people. A petition was recently lodged against the musician’s nomination for the BET awards for the Best International Act. A section of Tanzanians were not happy with his nomination citing that he supported politicians who abused human rights in Tanzania