Sauti Sol Accuses Chimano Of Stealing Money From The Group

Sauti Sol Accuses Chimano Of Stealing Money From The Group

The Sauti Sol family has accused one of their fellow band members Chimano of failing to refund some money he took from the group’s savings.

The band members, Bien, Savara and Polycarp claimed that they used to save cash as a group and Chimano took Ksh. 30,000 from their savings and used it all.

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This they revealed in their YouTube Channel the Sol Family while they were on a trip to Amboseli.

The group also said that Chimano should pay them their money and that it has been accumulating from the day he took it.

“Chimano you need to pay us back our money,” said Polycarp

“Chimano you duped us our cash,” said Bien

“Just so you know it is accumulating interest,” said Savara

However Chimano said that he did not know anything about the cash.

“I have never eaten any cash from sauti sol and I don’t know what they are saying. And those are my comments for now,” said Chimano.

The Sauti Sol family has proved to be one of the strongest and unbreakable bands ever since they started singing together.

The group also recently signed an Infinix deal where they are their official brand ambassadors.