Sandra Dacha pens down emotional post to mark Othuol Othuol’s first death anniversary

Sandra Dacha pens down emotional post to mark Othuol Othuol’s first death anniversary

Former Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha aka Silprosa on Monday marked late comedian Othuol Othuol’s first death anniversary in a moving post.

Opening up about her reaction to news of her friend’s passing, Sandra recalled going into a state of shock after receiving a phone call from Othuol’s cousin confirming her worst fear.

Still in a state of confusion, the social media sensation revealed she immediately reached out to Churchill, Jalang’o and a few other artistes with the news before making her way to Kenyatta National Hospital to see Othuol.

“It was around this time last year that I received a call from Othuol’s cousin telling me that he is no more. I was shook. I couldn’t move. I broke down. Didn’t know what to do. The next thing I remember was calling Churchill and Jalango…they were also shocked. They never said a word…I hanged up! The next thing I did was to break the news in our artistes’ group as I headed to Kenyatta National Hospital,” she wrote.

On her arrival at the hospital, Sandra explained that she did not want him to be moved to the morgue in hope that he would wake up as he was still warm. One year on, the Akothee Safari’s brand ambassador admits that she misses Othuol terribly.

“Got there… saw him. Still fresh and warm…didn’t know whether to weep, cry, wail…Didn’t want them to take him to the morgue because maybe…just maybe he could be breathing that’s when it hit me that Othuol was gone. Gone and was never coming back. It’s been a year Othuol. I still miss you my friend,” she added.

A few months before his demise, Othuol made an online comeback after a prolonged silence that worried his fans. In a previous interview, Othuol revealed he had been ailing from Tuberculosis and was admitted in hospital for close to six months.

“After diagnosis, the journey started. I took medicine for about six to seven months and I finished in October, I was tested and they found out I was healed. So, right now I am fine but I am weak I cannot stand for long or walk for a long distance, I cannot perform for the live audience for now,” he said.

He was however readmitted to hospital not long after under unclear circumstances only to be discharged and readmitted for the last time before he passed on.


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