Robert Alai set to run on the streets naked

Robert Alai set to run on the streets naked

Kenyan blogger and cyber-activist Robert Alai, who used to run the now defunct information technology weblog at had last evening put up a tweet that said he would run naked in the streets if UDA party won the on-going Kiambaa by-election. Is he going  do it?

Alai has earned notoriety for his stream of social rants. He has been sued and briefly incarcerated for his highly opinionated political and sometimes personal attacks on politicians, government officials and business leaders and today he is trending on Twitter for a tweet he wrote last evening.

Kenyans on Twitter now want Robert Alai  to run naked as he promised and they are not joking about it as they have made it a trending topic on Twitter.

Now, which street will Robert Alai run naked? Will he give updates?

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