Report: One Kenyan man uses only 14 condoms per year

Report: One Kenyan man uses only 14 condoms per year

Millions of condoms given out for free could be going to waste as Kenyans don’t use them. This came to light during a National Aids Control Council event that brought together stakeholders from counties to discuss condom use and state of HIV/aids in the country, among other things.

At the same time, a report showed that condom use remains low in Kenya at only 14.3 condoms per man per year against the global target of 40 condoms per man per year.

“An estimated 190,110,760 condoms were distributed in 2020 against a projected need of 449,089,871 in 2020. When distribution exceeds use, it results in wastage. Investments in distribution require concurrent investments in demand creation activities,” said the report.

Kenya identified a total of 17,854 condom distribution points in the 47 counties during the mapping exercise out of which 84 per cent (15,008) were either bars with lodgings or without lodgings.

“Condom dispensers were accessible in only 14 percent of all identified condom distribution points. Installation of condom dispensers is ongoing in the potential distribution points to increase access, availability and use of condoms,” the report said.

Some of the identified challenges were that condoms were not reaching rural and poor populations, and in some places priority populations.

“Inadequate capacity to manage condom programmes, especially with a total market approach, exposure to the high intensity messaging and skills building among young people who account for almost half of new HIV infections,” it said.


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