Report: Comedian Akuku Danger out of danger

Report: Comedian Akuku Danger out of danger

Comedian Mannerson Oduor Ochieng, popularly known as Akuku Danger is finally recuperating at Nairobi West Hospital following six days of fighting for his life.

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The news was announced by the comedian’s friend and actress Sandra Dacha who has been by his side throughout the ordeal. She shared information with fans on her Instagram stories whereby she noted that the comedian has finally asked for food.

Sandra added that Akuku is not 100 percent out of the woods as he is still on moderate oxygen due to the fact that he still cannot breathe on his own. She informed that even though he is talking, he isn’t saying too much as he is still very weak.

The actress thanked God and the fans for praying for her friend. She proceeded to give fans updates on his recovery journey noting that his brain is working properly as he remembers things.

Sandra confirmed that the reason he was in hospital was that his lungs had failed 75 percent. She went on to clarify that the lungs had started to regenerate, however, it will take time. Akuku seems to be feeling much better, as Sandra noted that he is smiling once more (we thank God).

The actress went on to thank fans for supporting Akuku Danger financially during his hospital bill, she added that people shouldn’t stop sending whatever they can so that they can be able to clear his hospital bill which currently stands at Kshs 1.5 Million.

It seems some fans were shocked by the bill as they reached out to Sandra with suggestions on what to do in order to reduce the amount. This got Sandra to respond noting that the reason they did not take the comedian to Kenyatta National hospital was that there was a shortage of oxygen at the hospital.

She noted that their only option was Nairobi West Hospital. Sandra and Akuku’s family had called for financial assistance as without money the comedian wouldn’t get treatment.

You can send your contribution to the comedian’s bill on:
Account number- Akuku Danger,” shared Dacha.
In cases like this, a little goes a long way and whatever you send could help save his life. Here at Plugged News we wish Akuku Danger a speedy recovery and hope he is back to entertaining fans soon.
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