Protests continue as creatives mourn slain Kitengela brothers

Protests continue as creatives mourn slain Kitengela brothers

More creatives continue to question the gruesome murder of four men in Kitengela after being mistaken for cattle rustlers.

Beauticians within Nairobi’s CBD took to the streets in a peaceful match while holding placards with the wording: “It is not fair to generalise dreadlocks and tattooed persons as the only ones who are prone to commit offences.”

Led by the President of Locticians, Barbers and Hairdressers Association Steve Roots, the artistes said justice must be served for those involved in the heinous acts.

“It is sad that you can stereotype people because of how they are dressed, or because of their hair or tattoos in this era. Those involved in the act should be brought to book, we have lost young industrious men.”

Roots further revealed that the incident affected them personally as one of the slain men was a regular client.

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“We were shocked when we heard about the incident, one of the young men was our client. This is sad and this behaviour must be called out,” he said.

Boy group Hart the Band also condemned the act and said they had interacted with the young men who are said to have been operating a tattoo shop.

“Spoiler was our friend, we weep for these men and their families. We pray they get the justice they deserve,” said the members.

Detectives have since arrested a man believed to be behind the victims lynching, even as they pursue the rest of the gang members.