Police in Kisumu undergo mental health counselling

Police in Kisumu undergo mental health counselling

The police department in Kisumu has moved to address concerns over the mental health of police officers within the county.

Kisumu County Police Commander Richard Ng’eno said that mental health counselling is important and a priority in the police force since most of their officers go through a lot in their everyday life.

“We realized that our officers are experiencing a number of issues relating to work, family and personal life and that is why we thought it was wise to bring them together so that they can share with us their issues,” Ng’eno said.

The police commander said that it is due to the mental stress that some of their officers go through that they have patterned with an organization to offer a counselling session for about 100 officers from all the seven sub-counties in Kisumu.

“We hope they will be able to learn since a number of them have issues about families, alcoholism, stress and financial problems,” he said.

Ng’eno who praised the police for their great work asked the officers to continue presiding over their duties with peace of mind.

He said that the counselling session is aimed at reducing the rising case of suicide among the police service.

He pleaded with the officers to seek help from their seniors, fellow colleagues or even society when they are overwhelmed with their life troubles.

“Sometimes we make wrong decisions in life not because we want but because of the situation, we are in. But that is not the end of life. There is help and there are people who are willing to help. If you have any problem do not keep quiet, let’s normalise sharing our challenges,” he said.


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