Omosh speaks again says “Mashida Haziishi” and Kenyans are not happy

Omosh speaks again says “Mashida Haziishi” and Kenyans are not happy

The Omosh saga seems to have arrived at a point where he just can’t stop digging himself a social grave!

After trending for the entirety of yesterday ad the better part of today morning, the former Thadi high actor has taken to finally make a response to all of the criticism and the distasteful comments he had been getting on social media from both fans and celebrities that couldn’t for the life of them understand why he had appeared at another TV interview asking for money.

He has just taken to his social media to finally give a response, the basis of it saying ‘yes, you helped me out, but I had bigger problems than you thought.

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In the video, he actually appeared jovial, beginning by saying that he was surprised that he was trending almost immediately after he left the interview.

He then said that yes, the people helped him out immensely, his house was apparently in the last stage of building and he was very very thankful for all the help that the people lent him.

He jumped into the heart of the matter asking why people were angry at him, revealing that he had had a lot more problems than he let on in the previous interviews, making it sound like he had bigger debts than people could know, adding that when it comes to the money, he was not putting it like he was completely broke, saying that he was just requesting the money from the people who would like to donate again, be he was generally okay and thought it wise to make the short clip for his (former?) fans, also adding that his problems were not in fact over even though they appeared to be.

He then addressed bloggers to stop running his name down the ground, asking ‘what’s your problem, bana? Mimi niko fiti!’

He finished the clip by saying that he would throw a party for the housewarming and was going to invite anybody who wished to come, saying atachinja mbuzi, na tukuje bash! finishing by entering the house that he was built for!

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Omosh had found himself in hot soup yesterday for the comments he had made during an interview. in the interview, he made it look as if he had not received any help, saying that he got less than a million shillings and had found himself having the same financial problems as before and it was as if nothing had helped as much as people thought it did!

This got people extremely riled up because the donations were sent in in plenty seeing as he had really touched the people’s hearts after the interviews with Jalangoo the person that seemed to be the most affected by his claims.

According to Jalang’oo, he had literally received KES 700,000 in cash, not to mention two companies, one pledged to build him a house and another had pledged to buy him the piece of lad that ht e house (that’s now nearing completion) was to be built on.

The honourable Mohammed Ali Nur had also gifted him food worth KES60,000, a 100,000 shilling lumpsum and a Toyota Crown that he would be using as a cab to get some extra coins to add onto his pockets.

Did he just dig himself deeper into the hole?