Octopizzo Still a Don in New Record “Interlude”

Octopizzo Still a Don in New Record “Interlude”

When counting rappers who dish out the same style of music you be sure to count Henry Ohanga famously known as Octopizzo out of the roll.

Octopizzo’s music always comes out as a syllabus full of great differentially instructive pointers and this is evident with his last album “Jungle Fever” released last year in November.

The 15 track album that is almost at the 200,000 streams mark on BoomPlay had uniquely crafted tunes that include “Dungu” featuring Iddi Aziz,  “Plus One” with Owino Kitoto and the hit banger “Kibanda” that recruited the lyrical skills of Zzero Sufuri and Blinky Bill.

Throughout the 2010s, Octopizzo delivered an impressive succession of singles, EPs, and albums, earning critical attention for releases like 2014’s Chocolate City and his unique 2016 double album Refugeenius, which involved collaborations with refugees from the Kenyan refugee camps Dadaab and Kakuma.

“Interlude” is Octopizzo first audio release of 2021 after a successful album and it sure enough has one more time shown the diverse side of Octopizzo as an exemplary rapper. Unpredictable and different in all aspects as far as the audio and video is a discussion.

He stylistically mix two songs with an interlude defining the two whilst the first part of the song introduces him rapping in English to a subtle instrumental, once the instrumental changes in the middle of the song, he starts rapping in Sheng’ and creatively weaves the song together.

Stream “Interlude” by Octopizzo below: