Nigerians Slam Diamond For Copying & Stealing Wizkid’s Essence Beats

Nigerians Slam Diamond For Copying & Stealing Wizkid’s Essence Beats

The new rumour in town is about Diamond’s latest upcoming single loyal.Platinums dropped a video on his cadilac escalade singing along to the single made by top producer s2kizzy.The single is so trendy first because of the white lady next to Diamond whom is alleged to be his new catch.

Secondly the comment from wizkid who replied with a laughing emogi says alot.Gossip blog gossipmill which is based in Lagos Nigeria has categorically on the issue highleted the fact that the beats of the song are identical to wizkid’s essence hit single that was released two months ago.

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Essence is on wizkid’s latest album made in Lagos and has over 9.8 Milion views on YouTube alone.The single made the likes of Quavo’s ex shawaty and fat Joe love the album.Nigerians have slammed Simba for the alleged copyright infringement.Diamond has not reacted to the allegations however we will wait.

Wizkid recently jetted back to Lagos and has been spotted recently with his kids.The father’s day has made him spend more time with his family and has also been spotted at a club alongside dj spinal and Obi cabana.Follow my blog for more entertainment news alerts.

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