New dawn after scientist come up with HIV/AIDS vaccine.

New dawn after scientist come up with HIV/AIDS vaccine.

Yesterday in press bulletin at Citizen TV Kenya, there was the new hope after decades of years trying to come up with cure for HIV virus. The greatest news was that Kenya was given the go ahead permission to start its research in Kenya for its vaccine.

The only challenge that still remains for scientist is to find the cure for this disease. Even though they were successful in coming up with advanced methods for restraining this disease amongst them being nthe use of anti viral drugs but also they have manage to come up with its vaccine.

The reasons as to why coming up with vaccines for HIV and AIDS was because of its mutation ability. When the world health organization first declared this disease as a global pandemic many attempts were made by scientist to come up with the cure.

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They later stated that it was very difficult coming up with the cure due to ability of virus mutating itself reducing the effectiveness of the drugs and as a result they come up with anti viral drugs which after many years of research they come to a conclusion that these drugs would prolong lifetime of the victims by creating harsh environment in the body reducing multiplication of this virus.

Even after coming up with these anti viral drugs ,the disease mutated to form various strains of the virus leading to much research on the cases to come up with suitable vaccines.

Another reason was that most scientist were not well equipped with molecular biology. This was because this virus first it destroyed all white blood cells making one venerable.

After introduction of anti viral drugs it was realized that the various was now hiding in the bone marrow of its victims thus making it very difficult for scientist to know the kind of disease they ere dealing with and how it would respond. They were also mind full of the fact that these vaccine was just an inactive virus that was to trigger the body to produce antibodies and they were fearful of the side effects it would come with.

Another reason was low technology for doing research. Coming up with vaccines according to KEMRI, doctor in charge of laboratory research said that it costed lots of money doing research and coming up with advanced technology and equipment’s that would enable conducive environment.

After four decades of tireless research without rest and loosing hope a new dawn is here for the continents of the earth. These vaccine would reduce a bigger percentage contraction of this disease and with time it would help eradicate the once feared disease in the face of the world.

This is a positive development in the arena of medical practitioners; and with time, the ever lasting problem will soon be eradicated.This disease has affected most people in the world; in all sectors – social, political and economic approaches of life.