Nairobi: Man arrested for showing too much skin

Nairobi: Man arrested for showing too much skin

For weeks now, Nairobi has been experiencing hot afternoons, with temperatures hitting 30 over degrees celsius. For this reason, some city residents have resorted to wearing light clothes. Others are stretching it like this man who was busted by cops showing off ample skin in a jacket and nothing else.

The unnamed man was arrested by an armed police officer who attempted to drag him to the police station but the shirtless man fought back, while recording the incident on his phone. He was however released after members of the public started milling around to watch the drama.

“Nimetoa mwenyewe, kwani kutembea bila shati kwa jua kali ni ukora…”, (I decided to walk without the shirt on my own volition, is it crime to do that? The man questioned the officers)


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The video which went viral has elicited humorous reactions among Kenyans who are asking the cops to focus on serious cases and leave innocent city residents alone.

“Our police officers need to visit Europe during summer and see how people walk almost naked during hot seasons. I think the man was feeling the heat and could not withstand it,” said Albert Kibe.

Another citizen said: “It is not a crime to walk without a shirt, from the video, the man is wearing a jacket, so what is a big deal when a man is saving himself from high temperatures in Nairobi?”


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