Nadia Mukami & Bahati Deny Stealing “Pete Yangu” from Rwandan Artist Butera Knowles

Nadia Mukami & Bahati Deny Stealing “Pete Yangu” from Rwandan Artist Butera Knowles

Renowned Kenyan artist Bahati has rubbished claims that he stole his new song ‘Pete Yangu’ from a Rwandese singer known as Butera Knowles. Taking to Instagram, Bahati accused those peddling the claims of being envious and hateful.

“It’s normal! When you are no #1, every number last will envy and try hate on you because they don’t understand why God has chosen you and not them,” he wrote.

In addition, he told off critics who he emphasized have already started looking for faults in his album, encouraging them to give up because he was not backing out any time soon.

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“Naskia kuna watu washaanza kutafutia album yangu #LoveLikeThis makosa juu hawaelewi vile natrend no 1,2 &3. By the way itabidi wazoee juu saa hii naongea na YouTube waone vile wanaeza change hizi rules zao nitrend no one to ten,” he added.

Bahati’s response follows heavy criticism from social media critics, who’ve been comparing his latest song ‘Pete Yangu’ to another song which was released five years ago dubbed ‘Peke Yangu’ by Butera Knowles.

One of the critics on Instagram who goes by the name Shadrack, reposted the music clips of both singers side by side and proceeded to accuse Bahati of stealing the melody and the track, adding that he was disappointed because he held high expectations of Bahati.

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“Some will say oooh haters wana hate sijui nini, Look, you can’t be stealing tracks plus the melody the way they are then come here to tell us sh*t. I repeat, I expected a lot from Bahati. Views utapata tena mob sana lakini I’m disappointed sana na bahatikenya,” he captioned.

Meanwhile, ‘Pete Yangu’ is currently trending at number two on YouTube with over 700,000 views in just two days.