Mejja Unwraps His Return to Comedy Inspired Music

Mejja Unwraps His Return to Comedy Inspired Music

The year 2021 ushered us to the old school Mejja, who took back to his musical comedy concepts. Opening up to Willis Raburu on why he has switched back to comic storytelling during The Ten over Ten Show, Mejja described music to be like water, which means that an artist has to go with the flow.

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He also added that the music comedy concepts he is currently doing matches with the vibe that he is feeling.

“Music ni kama maji lazima uflow nayo, so lazima uobserve venye mood iko unaona, but naeza sema siati nimechange sana, unaona bado ni mastory bado ni genge, so naeza sema tu ni ile vibe na feel sa hii at the moment,” he explained.

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“Pia before nilikuwa naogopa kufanya story ju Luth unajua alianza kufanya mangoma za comedy, so vile nimeanza kudirect mavideo naona zinakaa funny, pia nausaidizi ya directors yaani, so nikaona kumbe ni kitu naeza hack,” he expounded.

The old school Mejja was known for his storytelling hit songs including, ‘Jana Kuliendaje’, ‘Landlord’, and many more hits. However, last year, Mejja reinvented himself in a major way and transformed to be ‘The King of Collaborations’, featuring in almost all hit songs that were released by renowned Kenyan artists.

Little did his fans know that he was headed on a different trajectory this year, by going back to his roots and releasing comedy-inspired hits.

Currently, he has three songs on his YouTube channel which include; ‘Ulimi Yangu’,’Siskii’, and the latest hit jam ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’.

All the songs have grown to become fan favorites, and currently are trending on different social media sites including TikTok.