Meet Top Celebrity Dads – Father’s Day 2021

Meet Top Celebrity Dads – Father’s Day 2021

The world is celebrating Father’s Day. This is the day where celebrities and non-celebrities choose to celebrate their fathers with sweet messages, bottles of wine, food, public posts on Instagram, and sweet texts. Today, posting on Instagram is necessary, even if your old man is not on social media.

As of now, several celebrities have already taken it to social media to express their feelings on how they feel about this special day. They have posted moving tributes and photos of their dads. In addition, they have posted throwback and current photos with the sweetest captions ever! So, here are some celebrity dads we thought we could celebrate for various reasons.


Bahati is a former gospel singer. The singer has done pretty well for himself. Bahati partly grew up in a children’s home. However, he once said that he would ensure that his children live a better life than him. Indeed, he did just that. Today, he is among the few celebrated artists in Kenya. Bahati is a true definition of ‘your current environment does not define who you really are.’ He has done so much for himself and his family.

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Kabi Wa Jesus

You might be wondering what Kabi Wa Jesus is doing on this list. As much he was involved in one of the craziest paternity scandals, what matters is, he owned up to his mistake and said that he would take of Abby, his daughter, with her cousin. If you are new to the entertainment gist, the man of God, Kabi Wa Jesus, sired a child with his cousin. He denied it at first but later made a public apology. We are all humans, and we make mistakes. So let’s give him a break.


We would think that Nameless is a super dad! He has never been involved in any scandal, yet he s a celebrity. How cool is that? Nameless is among the artists we started to listen to when we were still very young. Today, he is married to a fellow star, Wahu, with two daughters together. We live for the cute videos that nameless posts with his daughters.


Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine crack us up all the time with their amazing videos. The two have a youtube channel for their little adorable son, Tugi. How thoughtful is that? The channel is doing pretty amazing. And for that, we celebrate him today!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Even for those who are not with us.