Meet Nazizi’s one year old son who is already a brand ambassador

Meet Nazizi’s one year old son who is already a brand ambassador

Celebrated Kenyan rapper Nazizi Hirji has revealed her son’s face for the first time, as he turns one-year-old.

In a number of posts on her Instagram, Nazizi shared photos, capturing her whole family with a revelation that their little boy Jazeel was born premature (7 months).

In her post, the female rapper said that her son is already in partnership with Neli & Co diapers as their brand ambassador.

Baby Jazeel Adam

“Today marks one year since our beautiful Jazeel came into this crazy world. As many of you know he was 7 months premature and the journey to get to this point has not been easy. He brings joy into our lives every day and we cant believe he is now 1!

We have been wanting to keep him out of the spotlight this first year but he is now ready to shine! We wanted to use his reveal to support a brand that genuinely matches our values so we are super excited to announce that Jazeel is an official brand ambassador for Neli & Co diapers!

We came across these awesome diapers a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe that there was finally a diaper out there that looks after both our baby and our planet! Neli & Co diapers contain no chemicals, their main component is bamboo fabric rather than plastic and 2/3rd of the diaper biodegrades with 75 DAYS….a regular diaper takes 500 years.” reads part of Nazizi’s post.

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Nazizi first introduced her second born son Jazeel Adam to the world on May 29, 2021 at a time he was already 10 months.

Jazeel Adam –is Nazizi’s son with runway and commercial model Boy Caro or Anaka Adams.

“Thankfull to the most high Jah for the Newest member of the family my 2nd son @jazeeladam I can’t tell you what a journey its been and how happy @tafari_firoz is to be a big brother . 10 months old now and loving life .

Thank u JAH for blessing @therealtanaka and I . #rootsfamily” shared Nazizi.

Naazi is now a mother of two as she has another son called Tafari Firoz.

On June 7, 2021, Nazizi was put on task by her fans to explain why she never showed off her baby bump.

“In my culture, we prefer not to show off bumps. There are no existing pictures of me on social media pregnant, even with my first.

“It is funny that people feel like if they did not see it, then it did not happen. We share what we want to share. Wait till you see who he looks like,” she explained.