Meet Cynthia Kimola the Kenyan voice over queen

Meet Cynthia Kimola the Kenyan voice over queen

We don’t get to hear enough stories of women in Kenya disrupting the status quo and making a difference. Each week the #KenyaWomenSeries curates stories of incredible and inspiring Kenyan women.

This week, we spotlight a journalist, communication consultant, and voice-over artist who recently voiced a promotional piece for US singer Khalid. She considers herself a connector of people because her interactions and notable milestones have arisen from networking in her life.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Cynthia Kimola.

Cynthia Kimola’s distinct voice is one you’ve probably heard; if not on a Kenyan radio, maybe in on an advert. She was the voice behind Kenya’s most memorable Ads as a coastal cow for the KCC Maziwa Origi TV ad. Remember the Ad?

Cynthia’s journey in media started at Radio Africa Group as a radio news anchor at Classic 105 and Kiss 100. “While in campus at Daystar University, I volunteered my time and skills at the University radio station; 103.1 Shine FM. This helped me amass experience, which I used as my portfolio when applying for the position at Radio Africa Group.

From this experience, I always encourage young people to thrust themselves into activities beyond the classroom because you get to network, activate your passions and refine your skills, which will eventually make you stand out amongst your peers.

My stint in radio lasted about five years before I transitioned into Public Relations and Communication. I was drawn to assist clients to clarify and target their messaging appropriately for greater impact. I am always grateful to Tell-Em Public Relations, an agency that became my first PR home. It was a great learning ground for me and assisted me in refining my skills.

I got to work on various campaigns, a notable one for me being launching MyDawa into the Kenyan market. Working in a team always has challenges, but I learnt that you need to focus on an individual’s strengths and synergy within the team, especially where behaviour change is concerned. I also learnt how to handle people because I would interact with different clients with different temperaments.