Meddy’s ‘Slowly’ Surpasses 50 Million Streams on YouTube

Meddy’s ‘Slowly’ Surpasses 50 Million Streams on YouTube

‘Slowly’ the mega hit by Rwandan crooner Meddy has surpassed 50 million streams on YouTube. This is the jam that booked him a place in the hearts of Rwandans who did not appreciate the weight of his talent until he released this song.

Just like many of his songs, Meddy explored love with ‘Slowly’ and it went viral more than he expected. The song was released in 2017.

The beats are an instant listen-to-prompt and it gets juicier with the heavenly guitar sounds. Meddy doesn’t mince his talent; he brings out the best of his voice with the backing of super amazing beats bringing stirring euphoria with a mix of affection.

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The video is incredibly addictive just as it is beautiful. A beautiful blonde creates irredeemably scintillating scenes. She gyrates in style, oozes elegance and stirs after-thoughts of just how beautiful love is!

On the YouTube comment section, the song has 18, 745 comments. This is an overwhelming number so to speak. From as far as Haiti to Papua New Guinea; Meddy earned fans with ‘Slowly’.

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‘We love your voice; We love your song’ is the accord in the comment section a complete testimony that he made his way into the hearts of thousands of fans through his melodic voice.